8 Things to Let Go of for the Happiest New Year Ever

Quick Happiness Hack
December 4, 2016
The Marriage Box
December 24, 2016
Quick Happiness Hack
December 4, 2016
The Marriage Box
December 24, 2016

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions that you won’t keep, try letting go of these 8 things for the best New Year Ever.

Let Go Of:

Rushing through Life

From this point forward, refuse to hitch your happiness on tomorrow at the sacrifice of today.

Competition with Others

When you compete you compare. When you compare you will always find a way to convince yourself how you are falling short. The fact is that none of us do things at the same time so give up on staying ahead. If you must compete, compete with yourself with a sense of adventure and plenty of humor.

Putting Everyone and Everything Else First

If you don’t put yourself first sometimes, no one else will either. This is not selfish. Selfish is taking things for yourself without sharing. You can take things like time and pleasure for yourself and you will end up with a better you to share with everyone else.

Lying to Yourself

If you are over the age of 18 your life is what you make of it. You can do it, you are enough, and you have what it takes. Stop lying about how you can’t and start taking steps towards your heart’s desires.

People that Aren’t Building You Up

If you don’t feel great spending time with people, stop spending time with them. Even with family members, you can set boundaries to protect your positive state of being. Not only will you gift yourself with a happier life, you will teach others that they can take better care of themselves that way too.


Worry is nothing but a mind game designed to keep you busy. It destroys your health, shortens your life span and does nothing at all to effect the outcomes. Relax and face life with a strong mind. Now that WILL effect outcomes for the better, every time.


Deal with them, get help for them or accept them. Having some problem hanging over your head because you are afraid to do something about it will only make it worse. For problems you can’t solve or walk away from, learn to live with them the best you can. Believe it or not others face problems and accomplish miracles. So can you.

Being Anybody Other Than Who You Really Are

Fitting in is overrated and being who people say you should is the cause for unhappiness and stress symptoms. Be you and relish being imperfect. You are much more interesting that way.

These 8 things to let go of for a Happy New Year can be the start to freedom! Don’t let one more year go by with putting up, settling and living half a life. Make this the year you proclaim your Independence.

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