Climbing the Mountain

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December 27, 2017
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June 5, 2018
Six Steps to Growing Your Personal Power
December 27, 2017
Are You Being Robbed and Don’t Even Know It?
June 5, 2018

I believe the quest for enlightenment, or happiness – however you want to look at it – is a bit like climbing a mountain upside down and backwards.

It’s possible to inch toward the summit of any inclined terrain and cover some pretty good ground. Of course, that can become quite treacherous at times.

For instance, some cliffs require repeated climbs due to falling, usually about two feet before reaching the top.

WTF about mountains anyway?

My point is that we all have a mountain to climb. Perhaps you don’t climb yours for enlightenment and happiness. My guess is that you climb for at least some sort of contentment in life.

What most of us don’t know when looking for the next step on the way us is that these metaphorical mountains have hidden maps.

The only way to find the GPS system I speak of is to look deep within yourself. Never let anyone else tell you what your map is because no one else has the answer for your life.

Along with being able to tap into your inner map, having some good tools will be helpful. For our purpose, let’s consider those tools as inner qualities.

Qualities for Climbing the Mountain of Whatever YOU Call Happiness

The most important quality you should consider developing to make your climb is:

Claim Your freedom to Climb!!!

You do this by allowing others to be free. Freedom from judgments and expectations to act or think how society pressures.

None of us have any idea what it is like to be someone else, so set others, and yourself free. Let them go be them, and you be you.

Just Let it Go!

Speaking of letting it go – Give the fuck up already.

The surest way to stay at the bottom of your mountain is to waste your time and energy trying to control other people, places, and things.

It will work much better if you stay focused on what you can control, then actually take control of it and quit pissing, blaming, moaning and whining.


Just for fun, here is one more “tool”:

Watch yourself, at all times, as a grandparent would watch their young grandchild.

In essence, we are basically just all five-year-old children in grown-up bodies.

Like a loving grandparent, be disciplined, yet forgiving of yourself and others for the falls in life. It means that we were climbing.

Carry on.

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