Get Ready! Anything Can Happen.

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Have you ever stopped to think that “daily life” turns us into zombies? We go through our routines, perhaps throwing in a vacation or other happening to break up the monotony.

Generally however, we are running on autopilot…. mostly sleep walking, stuck in our minds and going through the motions.

We forget that a carefully planned existence is in no way reflective of what the future may hold.

The truth, and we all know it – is that anything can happen at any given moment of the day or night.

This truth makes it obvious that we should prepare ourselves – doesn’t it?

I’m not talking about prepping, such as collecting a massive storage of water, canned foods and the like. I’m talking about preparing the mind, body…..and dare I say spirit?

When you are physically, emotionally and mentally strong, you will be better able to respond to whatever twists and turns that life presents. You will be less likely to react in ways that you will later regret.

This sort of preparation begins before you get out of bed in the morning.

Before you eat breakfast, which you should be eating… it IS the most important meal of the day. But before that – get your body moving and flexible. Get your mind and emotional state settled to participate in the day as it plays out, instead of how you typically sleep walk through it.

You will notice amazing things just by taking five or ten minutes in the morning to take care of you first.

You will feel empowered, centered and capable. All the things that will boost your self-confidence to handle anything that comes up throughout the rest of the day.

You will improve your overall well-being, boost your immune system and generally realize your super powers! (Well, at maybe not super-powers, but you’ll still feel great!)


  • Stretch before you get out of bed
  • Drink a glass of room temperature water first thing
  • Do jumping jacks, push-ups, jog in place, any type of exercise you choose, even for only a minute or two
  • Practice yoga for five or ten minutes
  • Meditate or pray
  • Set an intention
  • Write three things you are grateful for
  • Listen to your favorite music and sing along – loudly
  • Refuse to dread your day – you have no way of knowing how it will play out

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