If you’ve ever felt someone else’s pain or sensed the shift in energy in a room without knowing what caused it, you might just be an Empath. See how many of the following Empath traits you resonate with.

For each statement, give yourself a “0” for never, a “2” for sometimes, and a “3” for always:



    IF YOU SCORED 0 - 25:
    You have some Empathic traits, but wouldn't be considered a true Empath. It's important to make sure that you still take care of yourself and don't let yourself get overwhelmed, but it's likely you are pretty balanced between helping others and setting good boundaries.

    IF YOU SCORED 25 - 50:
    This score on this test shows that you are definitely an Empath. You sense things in a way that's different from the average person. You aren't just relating to someone's feelings, you are sensing them as your own. You likely get exhausted sometimes and wonder why, without realizing you are giving out too much positive energy and taking in too much negative energy from around you. While you are fairly balanced if you are in this range, there's no doubt you'd benefit from tools and resources to help you to use your EFP (extra-feeling perception) to be a benefit to yourself and the world. Please consider joining the Empath Institute (below) to learn how to turn your empathic senses off and on in order to be healthy and happy yourself.

    IF YOU SCORED 50 - 75:
    You are an "extreme Empath," and have the ability to soak in others' emotions without consciously knowing you are doing so. You sense the "vibe" of a room or place without visual clues (such as tears, yelling, or slamming of doors).

    Now that you know your score, you can better take care of yourself and avoid burnout.