How Healthy Habits Hurt You

Meditation Versus Mindfulness: Pros and Cons
March 8, 2017
How to Stop Worry and Fear
April 16, 2017
Meditation Versus Mindfulness: Pros and Cons
March 8, 2017
How to Stop Worry and Fear
April 16, 2017

If living a healthy lifestyle was so fantastic – why isn’t everyone doing it?

It’s so easy to see that most of us are getting along without eating the best diets. We are giving a good night’s sleep the cold shoulder and pursuing other habits that we know are not the ideal choices for a healthy life.

Either we don’t give a shit about whether our lifestyles are killing us, or we go have a nagging feeling of guilt that we try to shove down with more greasy french fries.

Or, we use the comfort of empty excuses and endless rationalizations to lull us away from doing what we know would keep us strong and clear-minded.

Let’s Face It:

  • It’s hard to eat healthy when you don’t know how to cook and don’t think you have time to learn.
  • A healthy lifestyle can put a dent in the budget when you don’t know how to keep it affordable.
  • Not only that, it’s hard, and painful to give up unhealthy habits such as smoking, over-eating or drinking too much alcohol.
  • Plus, you can sleep when you die – right?

Still, some of us try, a little. We give it a shot until whatever new habit we are trying to build starts to get uncomfortable or cause us to lose out on what we really want to do instead.

Honestly, we work TOO DAMN HARD to put ourselves through this grief – right? So back to our bad habits we go – like to that favorite banky and teddy bear from our youth.

The payoff for this life of comfort is a decreased life span, random aches, pains, chronic illness, decreased mental capacity, and other, highly uncomfortable circumstances.

YES, it hurts to build new habits!

But here’s the catch: when the habit is built, it starts to feel good – SO GOOD!!! You can’t imagine why you hadn’t been living like this all along.

You feel better, you think better, you look better. You are more effective and happier.

Geez…. You realize it was worth all the pain it took to get out of your unhealthy rut and into a better choice.

That’s when you realize that your life will never be the same. It will be radically better!

Give it a try. Pick one thing that you know you should be doing. If you aren’t sure where to start, then choose to drink more water. Just put down the soda and aim for half your weight of crystal clear water in ounces per day.

Push yourself THROUGH the pain and stop being a big wussy.

You got this, and you will thank yourself later for putting in the effort.

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