How to Create the Life You Want

Are Toxic People Eroding Your Emotional Resiliency?
August 28, 2016
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September 3, 2016
Are Toxic People Eroding Your Emotional Resiliency?
August 28, 2016
The Beauty of Anger
September 3, 2016

Everyone would agree that in order to reach success and live the life you want, whether it’s financially, in relationships, health or otherwise – we must “do” things.

Chances are you all ready have a good idea of what you want to accomplish and what you need to do.

Perhaps though, there is one or two simple elements missing that would make it easier, quicker or more fun to reach your goal.

Use this worksheet to help you figure that out. If you get stuck, email me for a free coaching session.

*** I saved the two trickiest questions for last because those will be the elements that will make it or break it for you in regard to living your dreams of success.

Before you begin, take just a moment to reflect on what you want and why you really want it.

  • How will it look and feel when you achieve this success? Be as descriptive as possible.
  • Why do you want this sort of success in your life?


  • Do you REALLY want it?
  • Are you self-sabotaging yourself due to not feeling you deserve success or from fear of failure?
  • Are you torn between achieving what you WANT and achieving what you NEED?
  • Are you able to work through your fears?
  • Do you have faith in your ability to reach success?


  • What are you doing every day to move closer to success?
  • What are you willing to do better?
  • Do you need educational or other type of support?
  • Do the actions you need to take make sense to you?
  • Is there a better way to approach these action steps to assure they are being done?

Game Plan

  • Do you know the steps you need to take to reach success?
  • Are you adequately prioritizing these steps?
  • If not, what can you do to improve?


  • Do you need more time to work on reaching your goal?
  • If so, how can you make that happen? (No excuses, people always find time for what it most important to them)
  • What distractions can you reduce or eliminate to clear more time for you to reach your goal?

Peer Support

  • Are you spending your time with people who line up to your standards and values in life?
  • Ask yourself this question again. You can’t escape the fact that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. If these people aren’t successful in all areas of their life, you will be less likely to be successful in areas of your life as well.

Self Regulation

  • Are you being disciplined with yourself to stay on track?
  • What can you do to increase the discipline you need to take the action steps toward reaching your goals?

Wants Versus Needs

  • Do you have everything you need? It will be much more fun and less stressful to reach the goals you want, when you first have everything you need.
  • What needs must you fulfill first before focusing on your wants?

Finally, and this question can be a real kicker because most of us are guilty at some level of this:

  • Do you suffer from executive dysfunction?

By this, I mean do you know what you need to reach the success you dream of, but you just aren’t doing it? It might pay off to work with a Life Coach or counselor to help you get on the right track. It’s an investment that you will never regret making.

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