How to Learn Who Your True Friends Are

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August 13, 2016
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August 14, 2016

The easiest way to quickly figure out who your true friends are is to change particular social habits. This could be the best thing you can do for your health and happiness. Sure, you might tell yourself that you are just fine dealing with negative people around you, but you simply can’t swim in a mud puddle and come out clean.

If you choose to change some of your social skills, true friends will realize that you are pursuing improvements and will adjust accordingly.  False friends will lose interest in you because you are no longer participating in their drama.

Reflect on the following social habits:


When you gossip, it gives others fuel to fire up chaos and animosity.  Instead, talk well about others and stand up for their right to be unique.  When you refuse to gossip, you will be seen as being more trustworthy.  People will confide in you more and you’ll have the chance to connect with others on deeper levels.


When you complain, all you are really doing is stating the obvious.  Instead, take action steps to fix whatever situation you are tempted to complain about.  Other complainers will get tired of you always looking for the positive opportunities in life and will find someone else to be miserable with.  You will be seen as a Doer and a Leader and others will start to seek you out for advice.


When you help someone remain a victim, you will have victims, not friends.  Instead, be compassionate, but stay positive.  “I’ll bet that’s very hard for you, what are you going to do?”  “Can I help you find some positive options for that?”, are both good questions to use.  People that want to stay stuck in bad situations will get tired of hearing your positive suggestions.  People looking to make real changes in their lives will look forward to your feedback.

When you replace these social habits with more positive ones the false friends will melt away.  People will begin to look at you as a person of empowerment that leads by example.

Your respect level will vastly increase.  You’ll become surrounded with people that will help you find joy and happiness instead of taking you away from it.

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