Mind Mastering Mental Detox

The Gift in a Toxic Society
December 3, 2016
Quick Happiness Hack
December 4, 2016
The Gift in a Toxic Society
December 3, 2016
Quick Happiness Hack
December 4, 2016

Would you agree that a fact is a fact?

It’s a no-brainer right?

With this truth in mind, I’m wondering why so many people are allowing toxic thoughts to decrease the quality of their life. Just look at your social media feed for instance.

You see, you can’t get around the core FACT that the thoughts you think determine the quality of your life.

Literally, your life, health, relationships – everything – is all on the line of how indulgent you are with the thoughts you think.

The thoughts you choose to follow rule over your emotions. They cloud the inner wisdom that could otherwise lead you toward the most fulfilling, healthy, and successful life.

The best that anyone can do for him or herself is to reflect on what thoughts are being allowed to flourish. If they are not nourishing, advancing, or productive, then they may be ruining an otherwise beautiful experience.

Sure, it takes diligence and fortitude to become the master of your own mind. It’s worth every single effort.

As you begin to focus on mental mastery, it helps to remember these two important facts:

  • It is not your fault what is going on inside your head! Most of your thoughts have been pre-programmed from the past.
  • Everyone struggles with thinking problems at some point of time or another.

If you are prone to anxiety and worry, then you understand very well how easy it is to get lost in thoughts of doom and despair that rarely come to fruition. That is simply one example of how thoughts can cause damage.

The good news is that you can put those days behind you!

You can master your mind, and when you do, you will find that life takes a definite turn for the better. Practices such as mindfulness and meditation are most excellent pursuits to help gain equanimity and dominion over your otherwise chaotic thinking system.

Of course, you cannot just wave a magic wand and make your mind bend to your will. You can follow a proven set of steps. These steps are simple enough for anyone to master. They require you to do things such as relax and even have some fun.

These steps I’m talking about are based around the teachings of Emmet Fox. If you have never heard of him, he’s the guy that had a tremendous influence on the 12 Step Recovery Program. He is a leader in the “New Thought” movement.

7 Laws of Emmet Fox

  1. The Law of Substitution
  2. The Law of Relaxation
  3. The Law of Subconscious Activity
  4. The Law of Practice
  5. The Two Factors
  6. What You Think Upon Grows
  7. The Law of Forgiveness

To delve into these steps and use them as a catalyst for gaining mental mastery, you can simply look them up and study them in more detail doing a Google search. Or, you can find these teachings laid out in a specific format in my latest Kindle Book, “Mind Mastering Mental Detox“.

This short, yet meaty book, will take you through a week of tasks that will get you started on a new relationship with your mind and emotions. It includes worksheets and other learning materials to help you succeed in resetting your mind toward living the type of life that is healthy and happy.

I also included a super powerful neurolinguistics technique that you can use to make immediate and significant improvements in your ability to gain whatever you want in life.

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