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Mind Mastering Mental Detox
December 4, 2016
8 Things to Let Go of for the Happiest New Year Ever
December 23, 2016
Mind Mastering Mental Detox
December 4, 2016
8 Things to Let Go of for the Happiest New Year Ever
December 23, 2016

Can we agree that no matter who you are or what is going on around you, in this exact minute, you are here and you are alive?

That is all you need for unlimited possibilities.

What do you feel when you think of the meaning of that last sentence?

Does it create instant fear or feelings of resistance? Perhaps you doubt that unlimited possibilities are even realistic to ponder.

That’s okay.

Just take another deep breath in and out and tell yourself that you have no idea where this is going.

Consider for just a moment that no matter what has happened in your life up until this point, you are alive and you are breathing.

We’ve already made that agreement – correct?

Now I challenge you to accept the following truths:

  • Good things and bad things have happened in your life.
  • Some good things didn’t work out the way you hoped.
  • Some bad things ended up turning out better than you thought they would.
  • A lot of things that you worried about – never happened, and if they did, you have still survived.

Sure, maybe you aren’t where you want to be. Maybe there is trauma and drama and problems enough to overwhelm even the strongest man or woman.

Maybe everything looks grim and dark.

Yet, and because you are alive and breathing, your story is not over – no matter how dark or empty it may seem.

The chapter you are currently living in may not be a pleasant one, but the page WILL turn. I don’t need to prove that to you – just look back on your life and see how each chapter brought you to places you had no idea you would journey through.

With the idea that life is always twisting and turning, good and bad, and you are still alive, you can further question yourself. The answers will help you find the peace and happiness that you’ve been longing for.

Life is always easier when you feel a sense of peace and happiness.

Ask Yourself:

What can I stop resisting today?

To give up resistance doesn’t mean to give in. Instead, it means to look deeper into what you are resisting and let go of the diminished feelings you have due to that resistance.

You can set boundaries against harmful people, places or things and walk away with a sense of freedom. No, that is not always easy, yet it is possible and ultimately liberating.

What can I stop judging today?

Carrying judgements weigh you down. They build resistance and steal your feelings of peace and happiness. Because of this I urge you to be extremely cautious about what judgements you choose to carry with you.

Consider for a moment, is a judgement formed to improve your life or make you safe? Or, is it your ego’s attempt to make you feel better about who you are as a person because you can focus on the inequities of someone else?

If you are not completely sure that carrying the judgment is bringing you the deep peace and happiness that you want out of life, just let it go. It may never have been your business to begin with.

What can I do to be right here, right now, with an objective awareness and complete acceptance?

Acceptance doesn’t mean that you are giving up on your dreams or that you agree that everything is right or perfect. It just means you are realizing “It is what it is”. Allow that “Is-ness” because resisting reality is a practice of insanity.

After accepting everything that is going on in this present moment for you, then you can consider your choices and do the legwork to get closer to your goals. You can do this from a place of curiosity and exploration, because – and let’s face it – all that fear and worry that you have been doing your entire life hasn’t gotten any closer to being happy has it?

Finally, and this is the key question that will become a huge game changer after you have addressed these other questions to yourself:

What can I do to stop thinking about living my life, and actually start to live it from the point of my five (or six if you are psychic) senses?

Life is not in your mind. It never was and never will be and thinking about it is not living it.

Look around you – SEE what is going on, HEAR it, TASTE it, FEEL it, breathe it in…. save your mind for doing things like figuring out how to balance your checkbook or make someone else happy.

When you start:

  • Living from outside of your mind
  • Without resistance or judgments
  • With acceptance

–  For just this exact moment in time – …

You will immediately realize a deeper sense of peace and happiness that will grow as you apply your senses to each new moment.

Take another long deep breath into your belly, hold it for just a moment. Now release it slowly and completely.

Begin again.

This video has some additional information for great results:

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