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The Diet with the Fastest Results
June 23, 2016
The Diet with the Fastest Results
June 23, 2016

I forget the name of the movie, it’s an old one, where scientists or maybe doctors were shrunk. Then they were put in a tiny little space ship and launched into someone’s body through an ear canal, or nostril, I don’t remember which.

If you could shrink yourself even smaller than those scientists (or doctors), into the size of a single cell of your body, you would be able to learn how to live a life of complete inner peace and satisfaction.

Healthy Cells:

  • Selflessly surrender to the greater good. The better they serve the other cells, the healthier they remain.
  • Remain intimately connected to their fellow cells in order to keep the body, and hence themselves, alive.
  • Remain flexible, with radical awareness to the present moment, in order to adjust at a moment’s notice to what is going on with the rest of the body. In other words, they take “going with the flow” to an entirely different level!
  • Are interdependent without being codependent, each of them doing their own work and rejecting anything that causes dysfunction.
  • There is no such thing as isolating or being prejudiced, every cell is equal, no matter what job they are doing.
  • Remain teachable because the body goes through different things at different times of life and each cell needs to keep up.
  • Are pristine musicians, keeping perfect rhythms of sleep, rest, and activity, for the ultimate balance.
  • Only takes what is needed and never takes more than its fair share.
  • Maintains the integrity of all the other cells, while automatically receiving everything they need without manipulation.

Reflect on this:
Trillions of individual, intelligent forces are in silent agreement – right now – to make you, you. These cells have come together, by intelligent design, for a singular purpose…Life.

Considering you are currently reading this article, there is a strong assumption that those cells in your body are busy doing what they need to do.

Are not each of us a cell that make up a bigger body?

Ultimately, the art and science of living is about connecting to yourself at the most cellular level. Then, simply follow the example with a present minded awareness.

That is where the masterpiece of your existence can be found.

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