The Art of Meditation

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July 5, 2023

The Art of MeditationThe art of meditation can be practiced by anyone at anytime and in any place. For years the thought was that meditation was something reserved for a specific religious practice. The truth is that the benefits of meditation are available whether you are religious or not. Meditation is not prayer and it is not attached to any belief system.

The Art of Meditation Benefits

Medical doctors, psychiatrists and spiritual advisers alike will all attest to the benefits available when you pursue the art of meditation. It lowers your blood pressure, enhances energy, decreases stress symptoms and enhances the immune system. Testing has proven that people who practice the art of meditation think better and have stronger minds. Because meditation naturally connects you on all levels of your being, spiritual advisors recommend it to become more in tune with your Higher Power. The art of meditation also increases your intuitive abilities.

The Art of Meditation Styles

The art of meditation has many styles that can be practiced. Meditation can literally be incorporated into every part of life. If you are someone that just cannot sit still, you can still meditate using movement meditation or pursue the art of meditation through creative pursuits. With so many different styles to choose from, there is a method that can feel comfortable for anyone.

The Art of Meditation Guide

“The Art of Meditation” guide is a free eBook that contains all the information you need to know in order to create your own meditation practice. It is easy to follow for beginners and also includes advanced information to help deepen your practice. The Art of Meditation includes the following topics:
• The Art of Stillness Meditation
• Starting with your Breath
• Mantra Meditation or Centering Prayer
• Centering
• Insight Meditation
• Guided Meditations
• Silence
• The Art of Movement Meditation
• Walking Meditation
• Labyrinth Walking
• Yoga and T’ai Chi Chuan
• Contemplative Dance and Authentic Movement
• The Art of Creative Meditation
• Singing or Mantra Meditation
• Music Meditation
• Contemplative Art
• Sand Mandala
• Brushwork
• Generative Meditation Styles for Beginners
• Metta Meditation
• Tonglen Meditation
• Lectio Divina
• Prayer
• Ritual Meditation Styles for Beginners
• Vision Quest
• Building an Altar or Sacred Space
• Ceremonies Based on Religious Tradition
• Sweat Lodge
• Personal or Family Rituals
• Namaste
• The Sound of Truth

Please pick up your copy of The Art of Meditation. It is my gift to you.  You will receive free answers to help you begin your pursuit of the Art of Meditation.

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