The Best Way to Immediately Improve Relationships

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May 1, 2023
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July 5, 2023

Before I talk about the best way to immediately improve relationships, I must talk about death.

I just looked up the stats of how many people die each day. According to Google – 150,000 people die – EVERY DAY!

How many people do you think knew they were going to die ahead of time?

Are you curious why I’m talking about death when the title of this article is the best way to immediately improve relationships?

How would you approach your significant other right now, if you only had one minute left, and nothing else?

  • Would resentments fall away?
  • Would you want the person to know how much value they brought to your life?
  • What else would you want to have happen in the 60 seconds before you never, ever see this person again?

What would that one minute look like to you?

You see, and this is crucial to understand – This is the way of our lives.

We only have one minute to be fully alive. There are no guarantees for another one. We are truly foolish to count on having a future. Sure, it’s great to plan, and hope for tomorrow to happen.

Being present for your partner in a mindful way – in this one moment – gives you space to observe them and what is going on with both of you and around both of you.

But – right here, right now, with no other moment in mind – you have the chance to touch, love, and give yourself completely to one moment of being there who you care for the most.

That opportunity will never, ever come again.

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