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The Art and Science of Living
June 22, 2016
The Shocking Truth About Happiness
June 25, 2016
The Art and Science of Living
June 22, 2016
The Shocking Truth About Happiness
June 25, 2016

Before getting to the diet, I want to point out that sometimes it just feels really good to say F*#*! It’s even been said that people with higher IQ’s have the tendency to cuss a lot.

Beyond letting go with some choice words from time to time, science has proven that you could very well be damaging your brain, destroying your relationships and damaging the mental and emotional health of yourself and others – just by the words you choose.

It’s true! MRI scans are able to track and prove how dozens of stress producing hormones and neurotransmitters respond in a way that interrupt the normal functioning of your brain, impair your logic, reason, language processing and communication – Simply by being EXPOSED to a word.

  • The sight alone of a negative word releases dozens of stress producing neurotransmitters and hormones.
  • This chemical response immediately interrupts the normal functioning of your brain.
  • Your logic becomes impaired.
  • Your reasoning, language processing and communication become affected.
  • You become more anxious, depressed, and fearful.

Obviously, you will not be feeling your best.

Don’t believe me? Try it:

angry     broken     cruel     deprived     evil     fear     gross     hate     hostile     injure     malicious     pain     repulsive     rude     spiteful     stressful     terrible     threatening     ugly     unwanted     unwelcome     upset     vicious     vile     vindictive     weary     worthless     yucky

I’m sorry to have brought you down.

You will now need five times the amount of positive words to bring you back up. This is because your ego is hypersensitive to anything negative in order to protect you from harm.

The ever vigilant ego doesn’t find positive words to be a threat to your survival, so it does not pay as much attention to them. For this reason alone, you need to amplify and multiply positive thoughts and words in order to gain the full benefits.

Here are some words to bring you back up:

accepted     admire     amazing     appealing    approve     attractive    awesome     beaming     believe     bliss     brave     brilliant     calm     celebrated     charming     clean     creative     cute     dazzling     delightful     effortless     enchanting     encouraging     energetic     excellent     exciting     exquisite     free     fun     generous     giving     glowing     graceful     great     happy     harmonious     healing     healthy     honest     hug     impressive     joy     kind     laugh     meaningful     miraculous     motivating     nice     now     nurturing     open     optimistic      pleasurable     plentiful     productive     progress     protected     refreshing     remarkable     rewarding     right     safe     secure    smile    soulful    sparkling     special     sunny     tranquil     trusting    upbeat    valued     vibrant     welcome     whole    worthy     yes

You can find an extensive list of positive words by searching on Google.

As you can see, you felt at least somewhat uplifted when you read through the positive words, even if you didn’t attach emotions to each word you read.

You might want to read this list one more time to confirm this fact for yourself.

Back to the Diet:

Why is this the fastest diet in existence? It works immediately to create a change reaction of good mojo within your body system. Every other goal is then easier to reach.

Ultimately, the Word Diet can change your life on every level! It is not as easy as it may sound at first glance. Just spend five minutes on Facebook or watching the morning news and you’ll see how many negative words you are being exposed to.

If you really want to feel your best, you must become diligent about surrounding yourself with as many positive words as possible, through what you read, what you say, what you think, etc…

When you put yourself on a word diet:

  • Your mood will lift
  • Your self-confidence will automatically increase
  • The chemical response in your body will affect every organ, including your brain in the best of ways.
  • You will feel a higher sense of motivation and energy
  • You will become more effective in your relationships and the rest of your life.
  • You may experience miracles.

The Word Diet Guidelines:

  1. Choose your words wisely and speak them slowly.
  2. Actively seek out positive words.
  3. Listen to songs that have positive messages (Not so easy if you are metalhead, but do your best).
  4. Surround yourself with positive people.

Seeking the positive doesn’t mean you have to ignore problems or pretend the world is filled with rainbows and unicorns. At the same time, you can remain aware of what is negative without becoming attached or immersed in it. You can seek positive solutions. If there is no solution, then you can seek comfort. Remember, hugs are positive words in action.

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