True Horror: The Epidemic

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September 4, 2017
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December 27, 2017
2 Critical Skills for a Mindful Lifestyle
September 4, 2017
Six Steps to Growing Your Personal Power
December 27, 2017

Tis’ the season of ghosts and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night.

What about the things that go bump in our heads?

You see, and this is very frightening, we are all infected by monsters that lurk, stalk and attack without warning.

These bumps in our heads: These specters….

Thoughts and feelings residing in the darkest corners of the psyche. They keep the self trapped in living delusions.

They steal health and happiness, and rob us of the best things in life.

These energetic lesions lay in rest, waiting for triggers.

A sound, smell, or other stimulus awakens them, sometimes with furious intent.

Each of these feelings and thoughts have a measurable, lower, sucking energy. This energy impacts the mind/body/energy/spirit system, weakens the immune system and opens the door to numerous types of disease.

We remain haunted with negative, sad, and/or anxious and depressive moods, even on the brightest days.

These ghosts have many names. 

Shame, Regret, and Guilt are some of the better-known entities. These phantoms, born in our past, feed off the desire to avoid them.

Sometimes these invasive entities are born because of how we were treated, bullied, or rejected by others. Yet, it serves nothing to blame others for the continuation of suffering.

  • These entities – left over, hindsight, emotions and memories – they are the walking dead.
  • They create painful situations that compel rumination and dwelling.
  • They cause us to shut out the joy that is available in the immediate present.

The Exorcism…

Sometimes we cling to these ghosts. They are familiar and sickeningly comforting to us. Or we think they keep us from repeating the same mistakes.  Or, worse yet, think we deserve them.

Cruel jokes delivered by the ego. 

The ego tries so hard to maintain safety at all costs. It invokes the phantoms in twisted attempts to avoid more of the same.

Like a bird in a cage, you’ll never fly free if you allow your ego to run amok in this manner.

Go Fearlessly into that Dark Night

Allow the ghosts to come into the light, look them in the face and name them.

Start with the least bothersome to gain experience and strength.  For example, “I regret not studying for my third-grade spelling bee”.

Write the ghost’s details down, draw a picture, make a sculpture or clothespin dolly.  Whatever way you like to express yourself is perfect.  Imagine the entire story of the ghost going from your mind onto the paper or material you are working with.

Take breaks, deep breaths, and allow feelings to flow.  Challenge yourself to stay focused in the work of art you’re creating.

If you have ghosts that seem too big for you, reach out for help.  Find a trusted loved one, a spiritual counselor, or therapist. 

Saying Goodbye

Facing the specters that go bump in the night of your head is the only way to finally release them. This is work. It requires strength, tenacity, and compassion.

It also requires full acknowledgment that no matter what, you were doing your best at the time those ghosts were born.

And, even if poor decisions were made, even if you were totally out of line – consider how you were solely trying to keep yourself safe and have fulfilled needs.

This part is tricky, but you simply must forgive yourself, everyone, and everything that is included with this ghost.

Forgiving means releasing the suffering, resentment, anger, and other feelings that linger and infect your life with torment.

Continue the exorcism by reflecting on what you’ve learned from the experience. Even if it demands a large dose of humility.

Write or create another work of art to represent the lesson you will carry with you from this point forward, instead of carrying the ghost.

It may help to compose a mantra to help immune you from re-infestation of the entities. For example, “Even though I was bullied, I deeply and profoundly love myself, I will carry that love”.

The Final Send-Off

Completing this work will bring you the ability to finally say goodbye to the ghosts. Now, consider thanking them. They served as a reminder of what you DON’T want to continue to lug around with you in your future.

After this moment of appreciation, you are free to burn, bury, or otherwise remove the ghosts from your environment.

Get-Well Party

Nothing is more life-giving than when you are released from the horrific epidemic of shame, guilt and regret.

Completing this work signifies that you’ve become a victorious warrior of peace and freedom, and you deserve to celebrate!

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