What Matters the Most – Really?

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September 8, 2016
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September 17, 2016

Everyone can quickly list what matters the most to them. For me, it’s my family and staying connected to that which is larger than me.

Let me challenge you to go deeper:

How much of your daily life is deeply dedicated to offering your best to what matters the most?

Is it 10%, 25% or more of your time and attention that is offered to the most important aspects of your life? Spend some time considering before you just throw out any answer.

Do you feel it’s time to increase that percentage?

Here is a quick exercise to help you get back in touch with what matters most:

Make a list of who and what is the most important to you. Include your health, you really need that.

Make sure to go deep – what do you honestly live and die for?

Now consider what you are doing each day to nourish what you cherish so much:

→ What you are doing to provide the essentials such as food and shelter? Without your health and well-being – you have nothing.

→ What other self care items, such as a recovery program or professional help, do you need in order to gain your most holistic well-being?

→ What are your most important values, and how are you living by them? If you aren’t being authentic to your values, you will never find true freedom or peace in this life.

→ How are you cherishing the most important people in your life? Your spouse comes first because he/she is sharing your life with you in a way that no one else ever will. Then, of course your children, then extended family and friends.

→ How are you caring for the world around you?

This is the list of the things that matter so much that you will work hard, sacrifice and build the rest of your life around.

For the best results, clear everything else out of your life that stands in the way of giving your best to what you have listed. By doing this, you will soon find that your life becomes satisfyingly simple, and abundantly more meaningful.

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