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January 28, 2020
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March 20, 2020
Chill Out Secrets of the Not So Rich and Famous – But Still Ridiculously Amazing!
January 28, 2020
Spring Cleaning: The Mindful Way
March 20, 2020

Another wonderful addition by Amanda Grimes…

Do you ever feel like a dead battery? I’m sure everyone does from time to time, some more than others.

Did you stop to think did I take care of myself today? If not, then of course you will feel extra drained. It’s more important than most people realize to take care of themselves. It doesn’t only affect them but also the people around them and especially the ones they love.

If you think about it, you take care of everyone everyday: Bosses, co-workers, significant others, kids, maybe ill parents or grandparents as well. It can take a lot out of you. It can be tiring day after day.

With you taking care of all these other people, did you ever wonder “who’s taking care of me”. That’s your job! You must live with yourself for the rest of your life. You are the only person you can fully rely on.

After a long day at the office or a shift at the hospital did you remember to take time to eat? If you’re a nurse it can be extra hard because not only do you have your family life but, you also have patients you care for.

If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you expect to take care of them?

If you have had a long day at work or home with the kids, you must take some time out for you. If you don’t, you will notice you become irritable towards the ones you love. Or maybe you won’t notice, but they will. You can’t love them as much as you would like to because you are too drained yourself.

  • Take a warm bath with a bath bomb or bubbles.
  • Paint your nails.
  • Do your hair and makeup even if all you do is stay home with the kids all day.

Something, anything you enjoy is taking care of you.

  • Make your bed: FOR YOU! (Science says it boosts your mood).
  • Read a few chapters of a good book.
  • Don’t skip meals and eat nutritious foods.
  • Most importantly drink enough water! This seems like something so small, but it is one of the biggest self-care things a person can do. You feel so much better when you’re hydrated.
  • Also, take a multivitamin because it’s good FOR YOU.
  • If you like going to the gym for a good workout then go or do a workout at home.
  • Do some yoga, it’s relaxing and good for your muscles.

The key is to take care of yourself.

I have to have many self-talks throughout the day. I have to remind myself that I am worth it and that I need to take care of myself as well. Moms have a horrible habit of putting everyone before themselves. They don’t realize they are teaching their kids that they, as the mom, come second or even last. That’s something that their daughter(s) sees and learns from and the mothers don’t give it a second thought. When a mom does take time for herself, she ends up with “mom guilt”. It is hard to fight with your own mind and think that you should be with the kids but you also deserve some time for yourself.

Even if you are not a mom, you could have other obligations. Being a caregiver to parents or grandparents puts a lot on your shoulders. Taking time for yourself can make you feel guilty. Others can also make you feel guilty for taking time to take care of yourself. Do it anyway.

You should always take care of yourself in order to fully love the people you care about!

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