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Why You MUST Get Off Your Ass
July 17, 2016
Bitch Much?
July 18, 2016
Why You MUST Get Off Your Ass
July 17, 2016
Bitch Much?
July 18, 2016

(That’s my husband, and love of my life in the picture)

But on to today’s post, a challenge if you will….

Ask yourself –

How is your posture?

What does the air feel like around you?

Are you cold, warm, comfortable?

Where are your shoulders in comparison to your ears?

I’ll bet you made at least a couple unconscious body adjustments, maybe took a bit deeper of a breath, and maybe even blinked your eyes.

Why did you do that?

Did you suddenly realize that you forgot that you live inside your body?  Maybe because your head thinks it is the be all and end all of your existence.

Silly head!

Our bodies are awesomely high tech! We have these built in auto-pilot body sensors that relieve us from thinking about where our bodies are at while they move around the world.

You know your body sensor, that thing you don’t think about, but keeps you from walking into walls or bumping into people or things when you are walking about your day.

The great thing about having these sensors is they protect our bodies from harm.  We can climb up or down stairs without thinking about it like we used to when we were first learning how to.  Yes, it’s a wonderful thing, but it also allows us to forget about our bodies for large chunks of the day and remain stuck inside our evil little monkey minds.

Let’s indulge ourselves a bit and get out of our heads and into our bodies.

You will feel immediately more aware and positively alert.  Some other really wonderful things will happen too.

I’ll let you figure that out and tell me later.

Give this super fast, super easy meditation a try – it will only take a minute.  Repeat that minute often and notice substantial results!

Body Awareness Meditation

1.  Sit, stand, lay down – what other choices do you have?

2.  Take a deep breath – it ALWAYS starts with your breath.

3.  Notice your right hand.  Don’t THINK about your right hand, notice it, feel it, move it a bit to help if you must.  How does it feel where it’s at?  Stay with your right hand until you really feel that you are a part of that hand, that it’s alive and worthy of the space it’s taking up.

4.  Repeat with the rest of your body, body part by body part, yes, from your head to your toes and everything in between.

5.  Remember to breathe while you are doing this.

Welcome back to the real world!

How do you feel?

Carry that renewed sense of body awareness, and attention in the present moment with you while you go through your day and notice the effect it makes.

I think you’ll Love It!

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